Discover the main destinations and corners of Bhutan, one of the happiest countries in the world.


Myth and legacies of great Buddhist saints permeate the valley. Approaching and entering the valley can be as though entering the inner sanctum of a sacred temple.

Eastern Bhutan

East Bhutan comprises of the districts of Mongar, Lhuntshe, Trashigang, Trashiyangtse, Pemagatshel, and Samdrup Jongkhar at the Southern border.


Phobjikha is one of the most idyllic places in Bhutan. The valley is part of an important wildlife reserve; the valley is home to the endangered black necked cranes.


Beautifully painted two-storied traditional houses lined on either side along the 100-meter main street was the entirety of Paro town until recent years.


Travelling to Punakha is like getting in a time machine and going back to the 17th century. Punakha offers tourists a unique medieval experience.


Probably the only capital city in the world without traffic lights, this small city is home to some 100,000 local residents including the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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