Organize your trip to Bhutan with us

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Organize your trip to Bhutan with us

Happiness is a place

About us

Green Heart Bhutan immerses visitors in Bhutan’s culture and customs.

Green Heart Bhutan’s approach to all travellers is friendly, straightforward and accessible. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure an optimal adventurous experience for our clients. We like spending time with them, taking them to the most breathtaking places and inviting them to dine with our family members and friends.

As a locally registered company, we have been able to explore Bhutan’s most intriguing sites and share its secrets with those who choose to visit the kingdom. We accompany all our groups. As a result, we can ensure that our guests experience the most authentic side of Bhutan and immerse themselves in the country’s culture, heritage, traditions, rituals, and scenic delights.

Exclusive advantages

Discover the benefits of travelling with Green Heart Bhutan:

Secure payment

Upon receipt, we transfer the money to the Government of Bhutan’s account.

Guide service

Travel experts who know the country inside out.

A wealth of activities

The best way to discover Bhutan’s most impressive sites.


Land of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan, a tiny Buddhist kingdom known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is nestled between China and India in the heart of the eastern Himalayas. Bhutan is famous for its imposing monasteries, colossal fortifications and breathtaking scenery. It is divided into 20 districts, each with different traditions and ways of life.

The Bhutanese way of life is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity and gives the country a unique identity that sets it apart from all others. Because of its uniqueness, visitors to Thimphu, the kingdom’s capital city, are eager to immerse themselves in the local culture and customs.

Travel packages

Green Heart Bhutan provides a variety of travel packages to meet the requirements and preferences of all visitors.

Tailor-made travel experiences


At Green Heart Bhutan we have several travel packages to suit the needs and preferences of all travelers.

Tour of the dragon

Jambay Lhakhang drup
(The naked dance tercham)

Thimphu Tshechu
Gangtey Tshechu
Paro Tshechu
Punakha Tshechu
Jomolhari Mountain Festival
Rhododendron Festival
Haa Summer Festival

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