About us

Green Heart Bhutan stands for comfort, convenience, and the enjoyment of travel.

Green Heart Bhutan’s approach to all travellers is friendly, straightforward and accessible. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure an optimal adventurous experience for our clients. We like spending time with them, taking them to the most breathtaking places and inviting them to dine with our family members and friends.

As a locally registered company, we have been able to explore Bhutan’s most intriguing sites and share its secrets with those who choose to visit the kingdom. We accompany all our groups. As a result, we can ensure that our guests experience the most authentic side of Bhutan and immerse themselves in the country’s culture, heritage, traditions, rituals, and scenic delights.

Green Heart Bhutan is firmly devoted to environmental preservation and pushing for a better, purer natural world for humanity.

To encourage ecologically sustainable tourism, Bhutan does not accept independent tourists. Consequently, all travellers seeking to visit the country must do so through a travel operator registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan.Read More

Our team

The Green Heart Bhutan team is made up of local travel experts who are passionate about the country’s monasteries, parks, valleys, and other fascinating areas.

Why should you travel with us?

Reasons to go with Green Heart Bhutan include:

Permit to enter and operate in Bhutan

Our travel agency is officially established in Bhutan with license number 1041006 issued by the Bhutan Tourism Board (= the Bhutan Tourism Regulatory Authority): https://www.tourism.gov.bt/tour-operators/1037414.

Service and travel security

We help you with all the paperwork, buy train tickets, and arrange for a multilingual guide who knows the country inside and out.

Top-quality services

We cater to small groups to ensure the best travel experience and offer personalised attention to our guests.


We have different travel packages to suit the needs and preferences of all adventurers. Enjoy all that Bhutan has to offer.

Qualified guides

To provide our clients with an unforgettable trip, we conduct quality control checks on our tours and train our Bhutanese guides.


We tailor our travel itineraries to the client’s preference for immersion in the authentic Bhutanese way of life. We want you to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Tour packages

Take a look at the other tour packages that we put at your disposal to enjoy the best that Bhutan has to offer.


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