Myth and legacies of great Buddhist saints permeate the valley.

Approaching and entering the valley can be as though entering the inner sanctum of a sacred temple. With many sacred Buddhist sites spread across the valley, the whole place feels blessed. With such rich heritage, the region’s architecture has been conserved with regulations that guide development initiatives taken today.

Bumthang is also known for its cheese and textile production. The hand woven fabric drawn from the yak and sheep wool and the pattern input to their product are indigenous to Bumthang.


Getting to Bumthang

Bumthang is located in the central region of Bhutan. It is 266 kilometers and 10 hour drive away from Thimphu. However a 30 minute domestic flight option to Bumthang from Paro International Airport is now available.


The temperature is Bumthang ranges from -5 degree Celsius in winter to 25 degree Celsius in summer.

Bumthang Elevation

2800 meters