Spiritual meditation tour

The landscape is breath taking, from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, to lush forests and verdant valleys.  It’s a privilege to spend time here and one that will be etched on your memory forever.

You can hike through rice paddies and lush forests, marvelling at ancient architecture and traditions on a spiritual tour from 7 nights and up.

Take a spiritual tour to feed the soul, helping you to identify with what really matters in life or take a leisurely view of Bhutan, camera in hand, allowing us to guide you to the oldest and holiest religious monuments. With luxury lodges across the land, we can easily plan in an itinerary which spans the breadth of the country, such as a 12 night journey, staying at Aman luxury lodges. Begin in Thimphu, the colourful capital of Bhutan with its brightly coloured facades, travel through to Punakha, and trail through the valley of Gangtey, picnicking on the banks of the River Punakha ,It’s a must when visiting Bhutan, to end any tour by ascending to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, a national treasure.